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American Football
Pack Animal Fitness

LXV Affiliated Gym

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LXV has Affiliated with Pack Animal Fitness & Cryo-Therapy to bring the same great Elite Athletic Services 

to beautiful Sunny Central Florida.  Athletes who train on the Pack Animal Plan will have access to this massive 12,000 Square Foot Space loaded with every piece of equipment you can find from a Plyo Swing to a brand new cryo-chamber and So much More.  This location is available 24/7. Whether your training for your upcoming season in Sport or the NFL Combine LXV located at APF has you covered.  

Services Offered

- Customized Training Programming

-New Lifter Safety and Etiquette Seminar

-Customized Nutrition Planning

- Player Marketing and Rep

- Social Media Strategy 

- College Prep Strategy

- NIL Marketing

- Pro Coaching Support

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