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Full Scale Athlete Development

LXV has had great success working with over 400+ athletes from youth to pro across 6 different sports genres.  They have affiliated their business with almost every major league sports network, including NFL, NBA, CFL, IFL, NAL, MLS, NWSL and multiple business owners such as supplement companies , brand deals , and other marketable networks.

Our Goal at LXV is not to tell each athlete that they are going to be millionaires by sport but to rather give them a platform to improve their overall performance, body health, nutrition, academics and in sport fundamentals. If we can give each kid an affordable platform to increase their potential we can give more young athletes a hopeful future.

4 All Americans and Growing
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400+ Trialed Athletes


Countries Influenced

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During the shutdown months of Covid 19 Pandemic we at LXV used this time to establish a direct line of communication with over 200 Colleges, Universities, and Private School Programs. We have placed multiple athletes into new homes. We assist with the Recruiting Process thru our Newly Launched Player Profile Portal which schools within our network have a direct line to individual athletes through Social Media Pages, Transcripts, Film, Player Bios and Player Contact Information. 

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LXV Founder Patrick Carney with Athlete Owen Snively Following CSU @ UM

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Proper Guidance

At LXV we make this all doable with proper guidance preparation and trial.  We have helped over 12 athletes complete the transfer process and transfer up were connected with over 200 schools and 15 pro programs in the united states with other connections in over 10 countries. We sit under a fully licensed NFL agency and are the only platform of our kind. 

LXV Founder Patrick Carney with RB Jordan Fuller Following Holy Cross win @ Buffalo

Free Evaluation

An LXV Coach will contact you within 24 hours with your results

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